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The Bee Gees Make the Pop of Ages; Band and Universal Records Launch the Most Comprehensive Artist Timeline Spanning 50 Years.

“In a world where artistic lifespans are often judged in terms of fads, most pop music acts last no longer than the trends that briefly catapulted them to fame. And those are just the ones that are lucky enough to end up in the "where are they now?" files.

It's rare to find a band like the Bee Gees, who started their musical career when nine-year-old brother Barry was joined by his six-year-old twin siblings Robin and Maurice. The group scored their first No. 1 hit in their native Australia back in 1966 and broke out to a world audience the following year. In their 40 years, the most successful trio in the history of contemporary music, the Bee Gees have racked up some impressive numbers: 19 No. 1 singles, 25 albums, seven Grammys (out of 16 nominations) and 110 million album sales worldwide.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, "Saturday Night Fever" is still the best-selling soundtrack of all time. They're the only artists to have written and produced six consecutive No. 1 hits, and the only songwriters in history to have five simultaneous Top 10 singles. In fact, the Bee Gees are the most successful trio in pop music history…”

- reprinted in part from Business Wire article - Nov 16, 2001

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