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Facts 'N' Photos
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"When you get to 50, you change. I gained a fascination for the (music) business, for understanding it, for archaeology, for ancient civilizations. You just reach an age where other things really start to interest you."
Accidentally scalded at 18 months of age (still bears the scars to this day), Barry didn't speak until the age of 3 years old!
"Our parents came home one day and heard us (singing) and they thought it was the radio but our grandfather told them it was us."

About Guilty, produced by Barry, Karl Richardson, and Albhy Galuten for Barbra Streisand...

5th Streisand album to reach #1
Woman in Love topped singles charts for 3 weeks
Title song and What Kind of Fool - both duets with Barry - became Top 10 hits

Title song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Duo or Group
Barry on Streisand: "Barbra sings something once and it's magic. You can't cut into it or mess with it, because each time she sings, it's good."
Streisand on Barry: "Barry did most of the instrumental tracks in Miami before we got together to record my vocals...Barry's lyrics were much more abstract than those that I usually gravitated toward, but the melodies were so compelling that I decided to go along with them, and with him...I had the best time ever making this record, as well as the easiest."

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