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Everything Barry!

a fan site

About Everything Barry!

I LOVE Barry Gibb! I love the Brothers Gibb, three of whom have been known variously as The Rattlesnakes, Wee Johnny Hayes and the BlueCats, the BGs and my personal favorite, the Bee Gees. Iíve loved them Ė separately and together Ė for more than three-quarters of my life. My love for these brothers from the Isle of Man runs deep and is the sole inspiration for this website.

Iím listening to their incredible music as I type this little pseudo-autobio. Whether itís One or You Win Again or My World or Charade or Nothing Could Be Good or Living Eyes or Lonely Days or The Way It Was or To Love Somebody or Fanny Be Tender or Reaching Out or I Surrender or This is Where I Came In or the haunting Angela or the crisp Stayiní Alive or the beautiful My Lover's Prayer or the immortal How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, whether it's one little 45 rpm record (that's right - record!) on the old Atco label here in the US or a song written on the back steps of Polydor Records in the UK, whether itís a tale told about bonny Prince Wally or a duet or two with a Diva, whether it's a Larry King interview or a television special with David Frost, whether its a movie that's pure camp, the only saving grace of which is the presence of three particular faces on the big screen or a story about a Cucumber Castle, whether it's meeting the much-missed Maurice in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel or the awesomely creative Barry on a New York City street, these fellows from England have touched my heart and my imagination for what feels like my entire life. And I will always be grateful.

Everything Barry! is an open, internet fan letter to Barry Gibb and his brothers from this fan who has always been able to touch them with her eyes closed (and her heart open).

Where there were once four and now, sadly, there are only two still here at the party with us, I can think of nothing that says it more accurately for me (for so many of us) than this lyric from Ė what else? Ė a Bee Gees song:

Some love never dies!


BGMaiden (aka TJ)

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"Some love never dies..."